So this is GLASS23 here checking in to see how we can help you and yours. Many of you are wanting to know what type of door or slider that they could use in their new shower space. For us, making a door for the shower is quite simple, we just need to know what it is that you prefer.

What types of metal finishes are common in the area that a door is needed for your home. Sometimes you have a Brushed nickel bathroom overall. What looks great to you? Lets try a splash of Gold plated or Mate Black hardware with your shower door. We’d love to help you complete the pinterest idea of your dreams. Call us and let us know how we can help. We literally can’t do what we do without you and yours. Thanks again for all the support you give and are to us here at GLASS23.

In conclusion, as seen in the photo with this Shower enclosure we didn’t use a door at all. We believe that there are so many ways to make your door even if your door is the void past the partition as seen here. Above all let us know what you think. We love to have more ideas and creative people on our side. Remember every job we do is a piece of art in your home.

We hope that whatever type of plans you have for your beautiful ideas that you remember to call GLASS23 because that is what we are passionate about.