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1. Experience

We specialize in custom and standard installation of beautiful glass enclosures and Glass Railings. We enjoy our work and have over 20 years of experience. Trust our skills and precision for your custom finished bathroom. It pays to go with someone specialized in finish work.

2. Best Suppliers

We use the best and reputable suppliers in the area to ensure that you get the most reliable materials around. We constantly update our list of suppliers. This allows you to have all the latest styles and include the latest technologies for glass fabrication.

3. Free Estimate

Just text us or Contact Us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote on your shower glass needs.

4. Quality and Hard Workers

Our team is focused on getting things done right the first time. That means if there is something that isn’t quite right you’ll be the first to know. We value the time you take to find us and we want to be the best in the communities we serve.


Free Quotes, Glassy is Classy!!!

Custom Cut Glass

Made To Order

Here at GLASS23 we have many incredible connections with local wholesalers to give you the best Shower Door Enclosures and Railings at incredible prices. We make every effort to help you create the design that will work best for your home or business. When the design gets approved by you then we can have the glass Cut To Order. Fresh for you.

Every job.  Every time.

Shower Options

This will help you understand the different terms used in deciding what type of Shower Door Enclosure you are looking for.

The first steps you will need to decide if you want the door to be;

1). Hinged, where the door is able to pivot in and out from that point. Or

2.) Sliding door, sometimes referred to as a Bypass (single or double or a barn-style door.

We offer many options for your bath enclosures or shower doors.

Frameless enclosures are an easy way to upgrade your bathroom.

Just text us and we will provide you with a free quote on your shower enclosures, shower doors, and mirrors.

Corner Shower

This Shower is our Specialty. It is great for all spaces, still feels open inside.

Inline Shower

Most commonly found in a space where a shower took the space of a tub.

90 Degree Inline

This style is versatile allows for the door to be next to wall or off inline panel.

Custom Enclosure

Custom Enclosure where there are two separate angles to line up.

Sleek Railing Designs

For railing designs the sky is the limit. There are so many choices and design options to consider. Have one of our specialist help you figure out what will be the best for your specific needs. See some of our favorite jobs that we recently completed. Just as designed with and with input from our customers to enjoy great views from their newly remodeled homes and spaces. Feel free to ask for a quote and we will be glad to get to as soon as we can.