In order to select the Best Glass Shower Door for your home it is important to first find a good contractor.  It takes time and patience as most homebuyers or investors want to quickly get to the final bathroom product.

Imagine waiting to go to the bathroom for over 3 months.  Don’t do all your bathrooms at the same time.  If you have multiple bathrooms you are best off if you work through one at a time.  Unless you have an alternate place to shower etc.  Surprisingly this advise gets overlooked more than expected.

Here is the list of top three Glass Shower Doors that I would use when re-doing a glass shower door.  They look beautiful and hold up over time.  They are semi-frameless and frameless and 1/4″ – 3/8″ thick glass they are costly but worth every penny.

3. TOMBSTONE Series Glass Shower Door

Glass Shower Door

Modern Shower Door Enclosure

This is such a beautiful semi-frameless that it was hard not to place as number one.  I use it all the time in tight bathroom spaces.  Clean, sleek, and modern no contest.  The handles are a very clean and great look for any type of bathroom.  Choose from Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel.  Height of 80″ as a standard, also available for standard over the tub installations.

The headers and side rails are also squared to match the contemporary look desired.  This hardware is of superb quality and prevents water from leaking through to floor outside of shower area.

Custom sizing on each shower door so prices vary.  Get your glass shower door measured today!

2. CANYON Series Glass Shower Door

Glass Shower Door

Frameless single pane slider.

Living in California has taught me that space is KING.  When I recommend a style of door besides frameless these sliders are my go to.  They have an appearance of a floating enclosure since there is such minimal hardware.  All the hardware is made to enclose any stops and screws to be hidden from view.  This makes showing off the bathroom fun, and many will feel like sliding door open and closed several times until they figure out the puzzle.

The square look is very in, and the steel bar above is made to support glass panels up to 88 lbs.  This collection of glass shower doors comes in Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.  There are splash guards to help the edges stay sealed and more importantly protect the 3/8″ glass hanging above.

1. GRAND CANYON Series Glass Shower Door

Frame-less Slider 3/8″

This is the door that really takes the cake.  It has a very sturdy build, it holds two doors that are 3/8″ frameless and sliding while the rest are all single pane sliders.  The glass shower door that I would have in a slider option would be the Grand Canyon.

Use quality and trusted Glaziers. For example GLASS23, Ken and Arizona Shower Enclosures, they work together to make sure that every glass shower door they install is to the customers liking and satisfaction. For 10 plus years I (KEN) have been working on some different skill to better my abilities as a glazier. I took last year off to work on my C-17 license. Every year has taught me the same lesson. Don’t cut corners and do the job as if it was your own.