About Glass23

Welcome to GLASS23!  We are glad you stopped by.  At GLASS23 we love helping people like you bring your bathroom design from concept to reality and  as a matter of fact this is the perfect time for you to update your bath which is a key focal point in your home.

Our Origins

GLASS23 was  started several years ago by two hard working and honest friends who both love doing shower and bath updates. Together they have a great deal of experience in doing installation of shower and bath enclosures as well as mirrors. Please allow us to utilize our 10+ years of experience helping you to update your bath area. We won’t let you down.  Do you want a shower door that will make your bathroom look fantastic? Then pick up the phone and call us.   Call Joe in Boise: 208-867-6181 or Ken in San Francisco: 510-600-1237.  In addition, if you prefer, you can use our contact form here.

More About Us

Here at GLASS23 we have many incredible connections with local wholesalers to give you the best doors and enclosures at incredible prices. We can also help with the remodel of your showers and bathrooms since we are connected with some of the best installers and construction guys in both of our areas. Just ask us for a recommendation.

 Please don’t hesitate to call and see what our hard work can do for you.   We never do any job half-way, it is a matter of pride with us and we are passionate about our work. Thank you for visiting our site, where we treat you as carefully as we do our glass. And do not forget to check out our photo gallery while you are here. Also please stop by our blog where you will find some interesting articles about some of  best  lines of showers. Shower enclosures like Tombstone, Canyon and Dreamline.

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