Here are some things to consider before ordering a Shower Enclosure.

1. Type of Glass. 

CLEAR Ultra Clear or Privacy Glass

2. Slider (Bypass or BARNDOOR) or Hinge Style door.

3. What is Glass Protection Coating good for.

4. Should I install it myself?? NO, we end up fixing a lot of DIY-ers work. First of all glass is fragile and can chip or break just by setting it down incorrectly. There is no warranty on glass purchased to install on your own.


Examples of Installation Options

There are many different types of shower door installations. As well as tub doors and enclosures. Some examples are:

  • Frameless Shower Enclosures
  • Framed Shower Enclosures
  • Sliding Shower Doors
  • Swinging Shower Doors
  • Tub Shower Doors 
  • Tub Enclosures

Below is an example of a framed slider on a bathtub with a beautiful copper toned frame. This would probably be an excellent style if your are trying to maintain a period look in your home with modern convenience.

Framed Slider

Here is an example of a frameless shower enclosure with a swinging door. This is a very clean look with minimal hardware.

Shower Enclosure with swinging door

Types of Glass

We also give you different glass thickness options to accommodate the look you want for your bathroom shower door, tub or shower enclosure. You have available to you your choice of clear or frosted glass.

Professional Measurements

Measuring the area for your new shower door installation or enclosure is an exact science. Even a slight deviation of 1/16′ of an inch will critally affect the installation  of your chosen product. For this reason you need professional  measurements taken. We are highly qualified to take correct measurements and make sure you get the right shower door with an exact fit when we come for your in home consultation.

We are confident that you will find our services more than satisfactory. Call/text us or make the appointment via this site TODAY!! Just click the “Get Started Now” link below.

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