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Just like you, we’ve all been there. Maybe you didn’t get the haircut just the way you liked or the sandwich you asked for has lettuce on it… The point is let us know, we like to find what will be the detail that will make your shower different or perfect for you.


GLASS - Choosing the type of glass

It may seem simple, however the type of glass will define the clarity or style for years to come.

Choose between 1. Clear and 2. Ultra Clear. Maybe you want 3. Rain Glass or 4. Fogged or Etch finishes as well for those who would prefer the obscure glass.

So each of the numbered styles are explained here.

1. Clear, it will have a green tint or hue that is more visible from the edges. Even with the greenish tint it is our most popular.

2. Ultra Clear, This glass costs a little more but the results are game changing. It allows a much clearer and brighter bathroom overall. The amount of Iron found in Low-Iron, Ultra-clear glass is only around 10% of that found in Regular Clear glass. So instead of a green hue it’s more aqua blue.

3. Rain, is just as it sounds there is a rain style to help obscure the clear glass.

4. Etched or Fog, This gives the obscure look a foggy style of haze. We can offer this in Clear and Ultra Clear as long as it’s in stock.



2 - Hinged glass or Bypass

Strength is found with simple mechanics. Hinge door as shown to the left provides this strength. We find this to be the preferred way to imagine your shower as the hardware is proven and the ability to seal the heavy glass is accomplished as hardware is almost not even noticed. 

For a Slider we have heavy duty Bypass doors as seen on our homepage. We have seen it all so put us to the test, send us a photo of the area you are working on and we can send you ideas.


3 - Let's keep it clean

In many cases we all have to rush from one thing to the next all day long. In the project you may have waited a decade to tackle lets keep it clean by making sure to ask or add a water-phobic coating. We have Shower-Guard, we can offer Diamond Fusion or C.10 with Microban. You name it we’ve probably got it. Ask us what we are using that can make cleaning up the shower after a long week easy.


Sit back and relax

This is the best part of all. After you figured out if you like a Brushed or Shiny FINISH a Round or a Square STYLE of hardware. The estimate fits your budget and you are ready to go just turn on the music and relax. We have the most up to date software to help in completing the transaction. The moment we receive initial deposit on the bid, our drafts and final master-piece is sent out to the best supplier to complete the job. This way we ensure as few delays as possible. As soon as the glass hits our shop we will schedule the next available install dates for you to decide what works best for you. 

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Well that is us in a nutshell, hard working and fair priced. Give us a chance, we think we are the best at what we do. We want to build things that last, like good hard work should. We hope you enjoy viewing our glass shower photos.