Cleaning a glass shower doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. With these easy steps and tips, your shower can look cleaner, brighter, and nearly new – all without harsh chemicals. Follow this guide for the best results when cleaning a glass shower.

Prepare the Shower

Before getting started with cleaning the shower, it’s important to clear out any items that might be obstructing your way. Take out any towels and other supplies that are blocking the doors and walls of the shower. Next, have a clean cloth and scrubber ready, along with a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Once these materials are prepared, you can start cleaning the glass shower.

Choose the Right Cleaner

Make sure to choose the right cleaner for your shower, one that is specifically made for glass surfaces. Also avoid abrasive cleaners that may scratch or damage the surface of the glass and be aware of strong chemicals like bleach, as they do not mix well with water-worn surfaces. It’s best to opt for a non-abrasive cleaning solution that won’t damage your shower’s finish.

Use Protective Glass Coatings

To ensure that your shower remains in sparkly condition, use a protective coat to keep dirt and grime away. Quality shower coatings last up to 3 years and can be applied easily at home with a special cleaning cloth. The coating gives the glass an extra layer of protection, preventing soap scum and limescale build-up making it easier to clean and maintaining its sparkling look.

Clean Regularly and Thoroughly

Don’t let dirt, grime, and hard water build-up! Instead, clean your glass shower regularly and thoroughly. Use a good quality glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for the best results. Make sure to get into all the corners and crevices – grime can accumulate quicker in areas that are harder to reach! Give extra attention to any metal fittings or frames as these can also easily rust or discolor if not cleaned frequently.

Use a Squeegee or Microfiber Cloth on the Surface

After each use, squeegee or wipe down your shower walls with a microfiber cloth. This will help prevent water spots and streaks from forming on the glass as well as help to remove any soap scum that may have accumulated. A good rub down after every use will help keep your shower looking its best!

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